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RCIA / RCIC Catechists

If you are interested in sharing your faith with inquiring adults, the RCIA program offers that opportunity. RCIA catechists meet on a regular basis with adult candidates who wish to become Catholic and present a curriculum of topics about Catholicism. Training and materials are provided. If you feel you have the call to this ministry, please contact the Parish Office. 

Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC) 

Families of children who are past the age when a sacrament is normally received participate in a similar preparation program as for individual sacraments. Students attend both the regular Tuesday night Religious Ed program and the RCIC program. The RCIC program meets one Sunday morning a month, and the student’s whole family is expected to attend. Basic Catholicism concepts are taught in this program. Families attend the RCIC program for a year, and then the student receives the sacrament in the following year (with the family participating in the Sacrament Prep program). A catechist and the Coordinator of Religious Education prepare the sessions. 

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